October 25, 2011

Adams County School District 14 Takes Pro-active Approach to Truancy

Many more students are attending class currently in Adams County School District 14, thanks to the pro-active approach by the staff at the district.

The staff has implemented a three prong approach. The “Community Walk” helped get the word out to the community and local businesses that if they see any D14 students during school hours, they should report it immediately to the school district.

The staff also reviews the weekly attendance records of all the students. The attendance record of all the students are kept in a log on the district's computer system.

In addition to the student's attendance record, a log of the phone calls made to the parents are also kept. The staff works with everyone to get the students in school and to stay in school. The results have been outstanding with positive attendance gains for the last four years.

Also if a student is late for class past the first ten minutes, it will be counted as a absence.

Encourage your students and students that you know that it is cool to go to school and to stay in school.